Music Therapy For Diabetes

Music seems to ave extraordinary magical powers. It has been known to tame wild breast, makes babies smarter, set a romantic mood and let one exercise for longer periods. It is being used as ana alternative medicine to gain both physical and mental healing and wellness. People with chronic ailments often try alternative treatments. In addition to activity and diet, relaxation therapies like music also helps in managing and healing chronic ailments. They are fairly inexpensive too and provide a sense of well being by lifting one’s spirits.

Music therapy is an experimental creative therapy. It uses aound vibrations in different manner to provoke a reaction from the patient. In addition it relaxes the patient and reduces stress and anxiety. In diabetes certain aspects of this therapy can help treating the disease or complications arising from the disease. The therapy involve either making music or listening to variety of music. Music contributes to vascular and heart health. It promotes a blissful feeling amongst the participants in this therapy.

Serious pain is a serious problem amongst diabetics. Some pains are persistent no matter what treatment or medicine is used. Music has been helpful in dampening certain pains. It distracts a person’s attention. It may cause the body to release endomorphins, hormones that counteract pain. It may give a person a sense of control and it may relax a person by slowing breathing and heartbeat.

Diabetes is unique among chronic ailments because to a large extent treatment depends on self management. The self management includes maintaining diet, exercising regularly and checking blood sugar levels. This can lead to stress amongst patients. Clinical research has shown that music can improve respiration, lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and stress and anxiety. Although research is still on in this field, music definitely is proving to calm patients and relieve stress and anxiety and thereby promote well being.